Dates and Locations
to be announced soon
Bliss: Beginner’s Tantra

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Dates and Locations
to be announced soon
Ecstasy: Advanced Tantra

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October 4-5: London, UK
November 30-Decemeber 1: Calgary, Canada
Sex Magic

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May 6-12: Portland, OR
May 18-24: Findhorn, Scotland
June 10-16: Fiji Islands
Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience (SSSEx) Level 1

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By Appointment
Phoenix, AZ
Private Introduction to the Sybian for Women and Couples

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January 13-19: Iceland
June 30-July 6: Berlin
July 22-28: Albany, NY
September 22-28: Devon, UK
Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Initiation (SSSin) Level 2

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May 3-4: Portland, OR
Tantra Meets BDSM
Have you reached a point in your life where happiness seems a little further from reach than it was a year ago? Does your sex life feel a little stale or hollow — like something is missing? Does living seems like a constant source of frustration rather than being surprised by moments of bliss scattered throughout your day? Each year, Butterfly Workshops brings together people like this who are ready for change in their lives. Our courses are structured to be both light-hearted, full of laughter and humor while touching participants lives in a way that evokes real change. Inside of our workshops, we take a look at Tantra, an ancient philosophy developed thousands of years ago. In all of our courses, we use simple yet effective techniques from Tantra to rid the body of anxiety, boosting our sex life, all while bringing happiness and fullness into our lives. Our Regular Butterfly Workshops take a look at several of the courses we have available:
Beginner’s Course: Bliss: Beginner’s Tantra
Our beginning course is known as Bliss. This day-long course will allow you to dive a little deeper into what really turns you on.
Intermediate Workshop: Ecstasy: Advanced Tantra
This 3-day, 3-night intensive retreat is for people who are serious about creating a real impact in their lives.
Advanced Workshop: Initiation: Mastery of Self Love
This one-week retreat is for people who are ready for complete transformation.
Leadership, Integrity and Service
Looking for ways to improve your company? Want to find out your life’s purpose? Can’t seem to understand what’s holding you back from tremendous success? Click here to learn more about LIS.
Sex Magic and Intimate Ritual
Wondered how sex magic can impact your life? Ready to take things with your partner to the next level? Click here to learn more about the Sex Magic Workshop.
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