Tuition: $397 per pair. ($367 if you bundle with another or both other courses offered.) 


May 23: Edmonton, Canada
Course will be facilitated by Michael Gibson and Laurie Handlers.

This course is intended to have participants benefit both from the practice of sacred ritual in their lives and flow with a partner in a new realm, a new universe. Perhaps this is something you’ve always dreamed of, but never knew how to access. Your participation in this course will leave you feeling like the star of a Rumi poem! What to expect…
  • Emotional Clearing – clearing the inner space for the unknown.
  • Latihan Pratice – moving/being in the unknown, surrender.
  • Building an Intimate Altar – Preparing Space for Ritual.
  • How to Practice Sex Magic Ritual – Instruction on Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually Offering Blessings to the Goddess within all Women.
  • How to Practice Intimate Puja – Instruction on Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually Offering Blessings to the God within all Men.
Note: This course includes activities explicit in nature and nudity. There may be a time in group where there will be sexual activity or nudity and you will always be at choice. You must attend this course with a partner with whom you would feel comfortable sharing deep intimacy (for the purposes of practice) even if this person is not your intimate other.

Who should attend: Couples/Partners, Singles can attend with a “close” Partner .

All registration information will be available soon.
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