Uncover your Life’s Purpose and examine Responsibility, Integrity, Accountability, Leadership and Service!

Butterfly Workshops takes great pride in this award winning program. It has been the mainstay of our corporate consulting business for the last couple of years and is our core training program for those who wish to assist at Butterfly Workshops or be trained to lead our programs.
This course is required if you are interested in assisting with us or in leading our programs (such as Ongoing Tantra Series, Yogaboxing or Bliss).

We invite you to attend this course if you own a business or are involved with a company or non-profit that may want to enhance productivity or provide for smoother communication within the corporate setting, this is a simple yet profound course!
Highly recommended for the extended community, anyone who really chooses to shift your life quickly.

(2 days.)
“Leadership, Integrity & Service was the spiritual equivalent to the best orgasm I can imagine.”
– Dyana Jean, Musician Sarasota, FL
“In November 03, I did Leadership, Integrity and Service (LIS) in Philadelphia. This was one of the more intense experiences of my life. I learned that one of my “skeletons” was an intense sadness and mistrust, a feeling that once people love me, they will leave me before I’m ready. We started a discussion about trust and the Butterfly organization. It was an amazing blessing to work out these issues with such competent leadership. This was especially true when compared to other personal or spiritual development organizations I’ve dealt with. As a result, I have a clearer vision of service for my own life and also a firm sense about the integrity of Butterfly’s leadership.”
– Paco, Philadelphia, PA
“The Leadership, Integrity & Service course enabled me to really take a look at the places is my life where I was not living up to my fullest potential. Through the healing techniques and spiritual lessons I learned, I came to see portions of myself that I had previously hidden due to harsh judgment and self-criticism as empowered and capable of supporting me in creating all that I desire.”
– Kimberly Brantley, Author, Silver Spring, MD
“After much resistance on my part I attended Leadership, Integrity and Service this past weekend (11/13 & 14/04).

“This was a truly tranformative and empowering experience for me. I realized that it is safe to be powerful, among other things.

“Among my intentions was to get a convertible. I returned to California in the wee hours of Monday morning. By Monday night I was driving to the coast in my new convertible! It was purchased with a five year warrantee at only $200 over wholesale and with no money down!

“And I expect all of my other intentions to manifest just as easily.

“I am so blessed to have found this community and a safe container for me to come into my own power joyfully! Thank you!”
– Kayla Mosko, National Trainer, Port Hueneme, CA
“I knew that Leadership, Integrity and Service would make many positive changes in my life over time, but I was very surprised to see how quickly they set in!

When I came home from LIS, I was tired and hungry. We had driven home from New Jersey in the rain, and it was about ten PM on a Sunday night. As usual, my boyfriend and roommate were waiting on me to make the decision and take the lead about what to do for dinner. And , as usual, I told my boyfriend he was in charge of cooking and he didn’t trust in his own cooking skills enough to actually do it. Usually, I would offer up some more token protest and end up cooking myself.

This time, I didn’t. This is where the “usual” ended.

I was clear within myself about what I wanted. I told him exactly what I wanted, and how I was going to assist him to get me what I wanted – but that I knew that he could do it himself. Instead of the “usual,” which ends with me being more tired and frustrated than satisfied – my boyfriend actually did what I wanted him to do. He took the lead on the cooking, and accepted assistance and guidance from my roommate and myself. We had a much more satisfying meal than we would have if I had been grumpily doing all of the work. I felt like I finally had the ability to declare what I wanted and to actually get it! The next day, as I worked late, my boyfriend followed my roommate around the kitchen, learning more about what foods go well together.

From the perspective of an outsider, that looks like a very small change. But I felt the power within myself to finally get to where I want to be with my life.

In the weeks since LIS, the clarity I found there has helped me be more organized and more efficient. I drummed up the courage to apply for a job that, on paper, I wasn’t qualified for. I spent days pouring over financial sheets and coming to an understanding about all of the things I would need to know in order to succeed in the job. When I didn’t get the job – I wasn’t upset – all of that clarity helped me see that a previously unforeseen path was the best place for me to go. Now I am able to move confidently in the direction of this new position with a new commitment to my own personal integrity and responsibility.

Finally, acknowledging your own “skeletons” and shortcomings may be a painful process – but it is so important to understand your own true self in order to best excel at whatever it is that you do. LIS gave me a better understanding of not only who I am, but how to best discern the best place for me in the world.”
– Kate, Arlington, VA
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