Extraordinary Lovers Experinece
Extraordinary Lovers is a three day event that will take you and a partner through three thresholds of expressive love.

Day One covers the basic Tantra skills of self love operating in the realm of the personal. The emphasis is on finding the Beloved within yourself.

Day Two focuses on the practice of Sex Magic, how to use intentional orgasm to fuel your life's purpose and intentions, the transpersonal.

Day Three covers concrete skills on how to unleash the Goddess in your partner and take her to the void (for same sex couples, one has to agree to be the receiver).

Expect to experience ancient Cobra breath, sound, movement, emotional release as well as awakening your orgasmic energies. Learn rituals for manifesting life's goals with ease and grace. And learn how to touch and read a body such that bringing out the Goddess and traveling with her into the universe becomes a natural occurrence in your lovemaking. 
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