Cost: $500 per person, includes a Friday night banquet dinner and a Saturday evening ritual.

Prerequisite: Bliss (or equivalent).
Enjoy Life to the Fullest! Ecstasy is a state of sensation, a feeling of overpowering joy, a million moments waiting to be tapped. We’ve discovered moments of ecstasy, only to be left wishing for ways to maintain or return to that experience. Imagine what your life would be like with no time, no space, and no gravity? Call it life in the flow lane? Call it flying? We call it Ecstasy. We invite you to join us for this amazing experience.
  • learn to love yourself as “Beloved”.
  • dance to the rhythm of your inner voice.
  • remove blockages dealing with sexual energy.
  • ​heal the innocent inner child traumatized by fear.
  • embrace the God and Goddess in yourself and others.
  • receive Babaji’s “Ecstasy” Cobra Breath to balance your polarities.
  • discover Yogic techniques to naturally rejuvenate and slow the aging process.
This is the course to discover your true courage, speak your truth, and develop your personal power and expression. By strengthening your boundaries, living inside your intentions and by listening to your inner guidance, this course is where you develop the skills and practices from your day of BLISS into a lifetime of ECSTASY. This is an exploration into TIME/NO TIME, SPACE/NO SPACE, and GRAVITY/NO GRAVITY, where you can transform yourself and your environment instantly, intentions can be manifested in the moment, and new worlds can evolve overnight. ARE YOU READY TO SHIFT YOUR LIFE NOW? This is the course to make it all happen!

3 Day, 3 night intensive retreat.

If you need assistance with lodging, we have special summertime rates we can get you several local resorts. Contact us for details.
“I am still in the space of our magical and empowering Ecstacy workshop. I cleared a major trauma that came up for me upon my arrival…one I had forgotten from over 25 years ago!!! We created such powerful clearings for ourselves and each other in this course!"
– Jill, Miami, FL
“Ecstasy was an INTENSE workshop for me, both in terms of energy and emotional process and release.”
– Brian Hammond, NYC
“During Ecstasy the gatedinner was an exploration in trust, in food and in fun! We waited with anticipation for the experience, wondering where we could go with food and how it would proceed. The dinner was relaxed and easy. We all felt good because we dressed up and looked good and let that feeling guide our exploration in sensuality that involved both the food and the human “plate.” Exploring boundaries surrounding each person and one’s own comfort level was an exercise in how to set boundaries in an easy and “nice” fashion. I enjoyed the experience totally and sit here smiling as I write this, recalling a fun and freeing part of the whole course!”
– Marilyn, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
“By participating in the Gate Dinner, I learned how to feel comfortable setting clear boundaries and having them respected.”
– Karen, Philadelphia, PA
“The Gate Dinner was one of the most sensuous and memorable rituals that I have ever participated in. It gave me the permission and opportunity to explore who I am as a man. I learned how I can show up as a man while interacting with so many different women, each with her own energy and temperament and desires. It was a rich experience that helped me see my range in engaging with women, and it put me in touch with that constant aspect of myself that is my core self —- the part of me that persists no matter who or what I am up against."
– Om, NYC
“My partner and I attended Ecstasy together and set boundaries ahead of time, what we did and did not feel comfortable with in relationship to other participants. At first I was very nervous that I would become jealous and not feel safe if my partner interacted with another woman. I didn’t want him to see that side of me, nor did I want to experience the discomfort. I realized early on that this was a safe space and because I was being fully self-expressed and asking for what I needed and wanted, there was no way any harm could be done.

"I have been practicing mindful eating for several years now, but the Gate Dinner took this to a whole new level. The sensuality of feeding another and being fed, allowing myself to provide temptation and pleasure for another was truly remarkable.

"I felt more in touch with the goddess I am than ever before. There was no “mask” to hide who I truly am. I saw my beauty and shared it with the world. I now understand and own my power, brilliance and Love.

"Gate Gate Paragate Para Sum Gate Bodhi Swaha”
– Richele, Baltimore, MD
“During the dinner in Ecstasy I felt beautiful, honored, delighted! From the getting ready: all the women supporting all the women to BE the goddess! It was a breakthrough for me to allow the contribution of other women to support me in my feminine expression–getting dressed and feeling juicy!! Noticing that each of us, in our different bodies and expressions were beautiful! I could allow that! I could hold that for each of us!!

"So, when we all entered the room that had been created for US, I was struck with the time/attention and care that had been taken for US, for ME. Something that in the past may have felt silly and unnecessary, felt touching and beautiful and special. I could allow myself to fully BE in the experience. And I did!!

"I remember being so fully delighted; enjoying the tastes and juiciness of the experience, loving everyone and feeling free and beautiful was wonderful.”
– Susan F., PA
“Based on my experience in Ecstasy over Labor Day weekend, I plan on staying in the “being” mode indefinitely. While I will have to go to the place of thinking and doing sometimes, I plan to stay in the place of “being” as much as possible. As I integrate (not intellectualize) this past weekend, I find myself arriving at pieces of wisdom that are coming to me without thought. The ripple effects are already far reaching and profound. This wisdom will guide me from now on.”
– David Hollies, Silver Spring, MD
“You are incredibly powerful and an incredible coach. Your Ecstasy program way beyond my personal expectations. As I look back on the experience, you masterfully led many disconnected human beings into a much higher level of enlightenment (personal evolvement) for themselves – a feat highly commendable! You brought us beyond what we each individually needed! So I thank you myself and on behalf of those spirit guides/angels who are so appreciative of your work on earth. You really are quite incredible!”
– Joe Dunn, Financial Planner Rockville, MD
“There have been many changes since I completed Bliss and Ecstasy. I am much more grounded and centered – not as quick to worry and get angry. I am working and planning more effectively (sort of like cutting a tree down with an axe rather than a sledgehammer).”
– Fritz Flad, Film Producer Rockville, MD
“I just want to tell you that this experience with Laurie has been phenomenal. Ecstasy changed my life and I cannot wait to see what Initiation will do. I am looking forward to clearing all the blocks to complete balance in my emotional body, physical body, and my financial world. I am well on my way to bringing in more abundance financially, but I just need a little push from Tantra to make this balance complete. This is very exciting.”
– Jennifer Rose, Massage, Energy Therapy, Bala Cynwyd, PA
“In the Summer of 2003, I was fortunate enough to participate in Ecstasy. It’s the most I remember laughing and crying for 3 whole days! (I was 56 years old then). I felt free spiritually.

"Prior to attending, I was involved in intimate relationships with 5 wonderful women over 30+ years. When the going got tough I got going, out the door.

"When I was growing up I NEVER saw my parents fight. In my 20′s I asked my parents why, and they admitted they fought behind closed doors. So I thought fighting was not OK, and I felt uncomfortable around major issues, tending to avoid them.

"What I saw at Ecstasy was a group of men being supportive of one of the men, who was trying to decide whether to break up with his lover, who was also there. They said go ahead and get in the ring and fight for what you want instead of running for the exit door. The dynamics of this situation was so powerful that it made me realize I needed to do the same thing. These men were warriors for love and truth and so was I going to be. Shortly after returning home from the Ecstasy course, I got back together with my lover who I had walked out on before going. The rest is history. I married this wonderful woman. Not only did I get married, but I had the courage to sell my business and move to Florida with her! When people ask whether I would be married now without the Ecstasy work, I say unequivocally, NO.

"As a side note, I was smoking pot and taking a low dose of Prozac for years, both of which I stopped doing after Ecstasy.

"I’ve received great support from the Butterfly community and its leaders for which I am eternally grateful.

"So I became the metaphorical Butterfly, in the cocoon for many years and then awakening into the beautiful, free Butterfly.

"Thank you from my heart. I used to think that an open mind was the most valuable asset a person can have in life. The Butterfly work has made me realize an open heart is equally as valuable.”
– Donald Simon, Vero Beach, FL
“I feel the need to share about the changes that have come into my life as a result of participating in Butterfly Workshops…..

"I’ve been through two Bliss workshops, an amazing Ecstasy weekend, and that life-altering week at Initiation in Mexico. It’s hard to really express in words changes of this nature, changes that really alter and re-form old beliefs, patterns of relating to others, and one’s world, changes that soften and open one’s heart to be able to embrace love for oneself AND love of others.

"I am a totally different person from the suspicious and even judgmental woman who thought it was really too far out when hearing about a “Bliss”

"Workshop at my first Intro to Tantra in Winchester in 2001. All I could relate to that night was the old 70′s group of ‘Bliss-Ninnies’ who I certainly did not consider myself one of. I felt threatened and defensive that night. Now, BLISS and ECSTASY have become a part of my daily life….I am so very very grateful!

"I continue to be a work in process, continue to be growing and delighting more and more in every aspect of my personal, professional, and creative daily life.

"My connection to SPIRIT has deepened, my connection to my friends has deepened, my awareness of what is POSSIBLE has really no limits now. And best of all, I have been able to form wonderful friendships with beautiful, open-hearted MEN, something that I really had never been able to even imagine before beginning this journey with Laurie and her team. I have learned that it is possible to love and dance with both the men and women in my life with an open-hearted and unconditional love that is not dependent on any response from them…I have formed deep and very precious friendships which will enrich me for the rest of my life.

"I really don’t know where my path will lead me in the future, but I do know that I will always be a part of this community, for it has become interwoven into the very tapestry of my life. Let us continue to dance together with joy and delight, laughter and tears!”
– Betsy Calvert, Teacher The Plaine, VA
“The Ecstasy weekend is one I will never ever forget. The change I have felt in myself is so unbelievable that I wouldn’t know where to start explaining it to others.

"I will say though, that it has been life altering. My intention going into the workshop was to move forward in my life. I had been feeling as though my body was stuck in cement for the past several months. It wasn’t fun. As a result of the workshop several big changes have happened for me. To top it off I have been offered a wonderful job opportunity that has come out of nowhere. I am truly grateful to you Laurie.”
– Colleen Dockendorf – Professional Organizing Coach Montgomery Village, MD
“This week has been full of wonders and is absolutely believable. Every day new and renewed things bubble up from the Ecstasy experience. The most intense feeling is of Honor. I am so honored by all of you–Shaktis AND Shivas. I have experienced honor from my women friends before Ecstasy, but this was so much more. Honor from men (especially men with whom I shared intimacy) has been missing for me. UNTIL NOW!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

"I GOT it that a man being very present with me is not about me being or not being the skinny one, the fat one, the older one or younger one, the sexy-voiced one and so on. I experienced standing in HONOR before you awesome Shivas because I am Shakti, I am goddess. WOW!”
– Marsha, Winston-Salem, NC
“The Gate Dinner in Ecstasy was incredibly fun, sensual and playful. I so much experienced my receptive self, a part of me not well developed. More than anything else, I experienced connection, love, and gentle kindness in having another human being, in front of me, ask my permission before doing, giving, or exchanging something to/with me . Wow. I loved that. And I loved searching within myself to find my yes, no, or maybe later. I connected to myself and to the men I faced, in a new relational way.”
– Sandy F., Philadelphia, PA
“I learned to ask for respect, to know that I deserve it — and that men appreciate knowing what I want and don’t want.”
– Marie, Jupiter, FL
“I’ve had meals at some of the finest restaurants in the world, but few of them linger in my mind like the fabulous Gate Dinner. The group sexual energies generated from the last few days of the workshop lift everyone to a highly charged state, and yet it is suffused with an innocence, playfulness, and heartfelt devotion in which we honor each other as beautiful and sacred. Everyone is alive and open to each other – spontaneous play abounds. Self and other dissolves – we’re just light and love. Just be in the present – and enjoy the dance. With each of my beloveds, precious kisses are exchanged, each more valuable than a million dollars. At the end of the meal, I’m the richest man in the world. Isn’t this how we’re all meant to live every day? So good to get a taste of the magic of authentically being with others. In the Gate Dinner, we are the feast, and we discover our own inner scrumptiousness.

"And the food – who can remember the food?”
– John Houseman, WDC
“The Gate Dinner was a liberating experience that started with learning to say ‘no’ to my conditioned restraints and ‘yes’ to my to authentic desires. The atmosphere provided the freedom to explore my boundaries of belief and want without concern of being judged. It was great fun, enlivening, playful. I recaptured a glimpse of what it was like to be a child again fully engaged in the sensual process of what I was doing.

"Turning our conditioned beliefs on their head is a must now and then for creativity to flower and bloom. I couldn’t recommend this enlivening, thought provoking, sensual experience more. Do it! Your sense of yourself and your overflowing creativity will never be the same.”
– Zemaya, Annalpolis, MD
“The thought of working with you again at Ecstasy is very attractive. I had a sudden shift in vacation plans for next week that is teaching me again about not being attached, even to something that I really wanted. Right now I am healing and clearing and listening to my inner self. I have to thank you because two years ago this shift would have left me in disarray and down for a long time … it is just two days and I can start to enjoy the sunshine, other beings, my own being. I have changed in substantial ways and continue to open even wider.”
– Delwood Richardson, New Haven, CT
“Well, the Ecstasy course was amazing and the people who attended the course were amazing. I witnessed breakthroughs & breakdowns all around me. In fact, I felt like I was supposed to be a witness throughout the course. I watched relationships of all shapes and sizes do their beautiful dances. There was love everywhere.”
– Janet Sclaroff, Cherry Hill, NJ
“Having been involved with self development for many years, I was uncertain about the value of going to Ecstasy training. Was it going to be just another workshop? Have I been there, done that! The lack of information about the programme for the four days didn’t help my uncertainly. But, despite my hesitation and the obstacles that I created against going, someone somewhere new it was the best thing for me. I arrived in Washington DC in August 2003 with some excitement and a great deal of trepidation. And you know, it was just the most wonderful experience and goes down in my history to date as one of the more significant events.

"Ecstasy was when I finally met the wholeness of myself. It was when the feminine part of me that saw the light and was able to hold balance with the masculine. I enjoyed and rejoiced for the first time in my 52 years in being a woman. With the wonderfully sculptured exercises and the unerring support of the staff, I was able to begin to learn how to fly.

"I left there just knowing that, come what may, I would be back for Initiation in the new year. And go back I did to find new levels unfolding for me. The most significant experience for me at Initiation was that it was the first time that I had ever truly felt part of a community.

"I sat one day in the group listening to something that was going on and felt a warm glow of love for these people sitting around me. And the more I allowed that feeling to grow, the more I was able to recognize the love that was also available for me. The sense of community that was developed during the week of Initiation was so powerful, it survives and grows despite my being many miles away in the UK.

"So thank you Butterfly workshops. I enjoy my life far more as a butterfly than I ever did as a chrysalis.”
– Pat Sawyer, Teacher/Healer Port Solent, UK
“I am still asking what day it is, my heart is still beyond the reach of physical gravity!! HuuOOOOOO Waaaaaaaa! Blessings have continued to slam into my being, Awareness registering almost as a whiplash in to my consciousness, can i really live and work lusciously!! yess yesss yess this is JUICYNESS!! RIPE MANGOES ALL OVER MY SPIRIT AND BODY SWEET SMOOOOOOOOOTH AND OOOO SO SILKY AND STICKY. MY EMPLOYEES ARE HAVING A BLAST WITH THIS BLISSFULL BOSS!! OH AND THE pleasure IN BOUNDRIES!!!! i HAVE DONE MY RISHIS AND AM DOING THE BREATH AND EGYPTIAN CLEARING multiple times a day!! my deepest gratitude for all that has been offered, BY ALL THAT GAVE SO SOULFULLY!. IM IN LOVE. NAMASTE!!!! Oh it lasts and lasts and lasts like the energizer bunny!! This work is like nothing else i have ever encountered PASSIONATE BEYOND ANY EXPERIENCE, SELF EMPOWERING, MINDFUL, RESPECTFUL, LOVING, AND REAL. IM GUSHING!”
– Ron Cruder, Business Owner Pittsburgh, PA
“How can I express the feelings of joy, peace and wholeness that came from a weekend of Ecstasy?

"I was blessed (or cursed) from an early age by being able to appreciate beauty, and enjoy intimacies, with both men and women. I felt that I could relate appropriately to whomever came into my life, and life was good. But lots of stuff conspired to shut part of me down, and I built a wall around my heart through which no one was allowed to enter, especially women. For the past 16 years I really identified myself as a gay man. It brought me some friendships, some intimacies, and some heartbreaks, but no real joy. It also isolated me from most of the world. I had resigned myself that this was my path, and that I could deal with it. It never dawned on me that I could change that.

"During the course of this past weekend’s Ecstasy, I was blessed to be in the presence of a group of the most loving, accepting and healing beings of light I have ever encountered in one place. I was given the opportunity to be close to women, in a safe setting, and it reminded me of how much I really loved being with them. Each of you brought a different dimension of life to me, and I basked in your inner and outer beauty, and learned from your wisdom. Each of you gave me the ability to see myself through your eyes, in our personal conversations, the group work, and during the final exercise with your written words. You touched my heart in ways I didn’t think were ever going to be possible again, and the walls have come crashing down. Thank you for seeing the real me, and not the facade that I painted on the walls.

"From the first session, I was drawn to one of the most beautiful women I have ever met in my life, and was lucky enough to spend some time with her sharing our souls. You were the final piece to my puzzle, and through your love I was able to finally break down the walls. I am feeling love in ways I have never felt in my entire life, and am grateful beyond words to you for the transformation you helped catalyze in me. Through you, I am whole.

"So, my dear friends, thank you for being part of my life and my transformation. I love you all!”
– Ed McAleer, Massage Therapist Annapolis, MD
“By the end of the Ecstasy course in October 03, I felt wonderfully accepted by numerous people. As a result of the closing healing exercise, I knew I had an amazing ability to create my own universe, a true experience of generating reality, of uniting my inner and outer worlds, and of opening up from my core center.”
– Paco, Philadelphia, PA
“When I am standing still I still feel like I’m dancing. I’m kicking ass and taking names and have no fear. I don’t feel that anything can stop me, and again I feel it all came together for me in the Bodyhan at Ecstasy.”
– Dyana Jean Cocchia-Glasgow, Producer/Singer/Songwriter/Musician Philadelphia, PA
“You taught me to fight for what I want, and listen to others who are upset at me. You taught me to keep my heart open at all times while maintaining my boundaries.”
– Don Simon, Vero Beach, FL
“At the Ecstasy course I continued my growth and dropped many of my pre-conceived notions of myself and of others around me.”
– Michael Danklefs, Massage Therapist Manchester, NH
“Namaste Laurie, gravity still sucks, but I do feel emotionally lighter thanks to your and Michelle’s efforts. I thank both of you from the bottom of my heart for your skillful guidance this past week-end, and also for being such a gracious hostess making your residence available to us for the workshop. I really enjoyed your pool!

“Until we meet again, with fond aloha to you and Michelle."
– Olaf, Honolulu, Hawaii
“I think about the Ecstasy course (Gore, VA-Spring 2004) quite often. It was that weekend that (with a little encouragement from you) I decided to leave my full time job and jump into real estate full time. Ever since, my business has been on a roll and so many opportunities have opened. Thank you.”
– R. Bosl, Realtor Northern VA
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