The Sex & Happiness Apprentice Program
with Laurie Handlers and Briana Cribeyer
December 2, 2021-December 15, 2022 | $9,999

Do you want to become a creative, sexy, happy, and embodied coach/facilitator?

After 20 years of development and practice, the powerful work of Sex and Happiness, developed by Laurie Handlers, is being brought to the forefront and introduced into the world of coaching and facilitation. 

Focused on the tenets of facing everything, avoiding nothing, experiencing pleasure, and integrating emotions, this 12 month deep dive into sexuality, coaching, business structure, and more, will bring you and your business to the next level.

In this program you will...

  • Have consistent support with a community of passionate peers who encourage your growth 
  • Be pushed past whatever you perceive as your limitations
  • ​Become congruent in your relationship to money, sex, and power
  • ​Become Proficient in the Tantric Laws of Intimacy
  • ​Allow your purpose to guide your leadership/leadership that grows from your purpose 
  • ​Receive feedback about your coaching and facilitation 

How will you get results in this program?

We will support you to recognize your personal power, get clear on who you serve and why you serve, and take action to produce extraordinary results. 
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Who is the Apprentice Program for?

If you are an aspiring coach/facilitator or a person who is 
just starting their coaching business, keep reading!

  • People who are already coaching and facilitating who want to get more body-oriented processes into their practices 
  • ​Coaches/people who want to incorporate sexuality into their programs and process
  • ​People who desire embodiment of their leadership
  • ​People who are hungry for great growth spurts and open to coaching 
  • ​People who are interested or currently working in the field of sacred sexuality or tantra 
  • Coaches who desire to be ​authentic, clear, and congruent in their communications with their clients

Who is the Apprentice Program NOT for?

  • People who want to stay stuck
  • ​People who are resistant to feedback
  • ​People who are not passionate about the field of sexuality
  • ​People who are not committed to creating maximum value
Program Details
Starting on December 2, 2021 and ending on December 15, 2022 we will meet as a group every other week (the second and fourth Thursdays) for 12 months. 
All Sessions are 90 minutes - 2 hours on Thursdays at 7pm Eastern Via Zoom. 
Meetings will be recorded and you will have lifetime access to sessions in an online group.
*Dates subject to change
What's Included:
  • Every other week group sessions for 12 months
  • ​Private Coaching with Laurie or Briana once a month
  • ​Mentorship through a Capstone Project 
  • ​An in-person Mastermind Weekend with your cohort, Laurie, and Briana
  • ​Lifetime access to recorded group sessions in an online group
  • ​Access to the Self-Guided Sex & Happiness Journey
  • ​Laurie's book Sex & Happiness: The Tantric Laws of Intimacy 
  • ​The Audiobook of Sex & Happiness 
  • ​A personalized FREE gift
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Archived calls are available to all participants, however, refunds will not be available once the class has started. 
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Laurie Handlers
Laurie Handlers is a Sex and Happiness Coach and author of #1 Amazon International Bestselling book Sex & Happiness:

She offers sexual health and awareness courses for individuals, couples and groups all over the world. For over 10 years, Laurie Handlers has hosted a weekly radio show "Sex and Happiness." 

She has also produced and starred in three independent award winning films and serves as a Lead Faculty member for ISTA.
Briana Cribeyer
Briana is an intuitive life coach who focuses on opening up the greatest possibility for your life’s purpose. She uses her extensive background in social services, emotional intelligence, and sacred sexuality to support people in merging their inner and outer worlds, their masculine and feminine energies, so that they can live an authentic, balanced, harmonious, and congruent life. 

After working with Briana, you will understand that joy, abundance, alignment, and connection are easily attainable and that you are in the driver’s seat to getting what you want out of life. Being a self proclaimed possibilitarian, Briana will support you in seeing the abundance of possibility that exists for you when you connect to your body and align with your purpose. 
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