Bliss Redux

Did you know that you can Transform Your Life Through Pleasure!?
Have you heard that the only way to grow in life is to go through pain, suffering or loss? 

Certainly you've seen people who have gone through tremendous pain in their lives - some of them are able to turn it into gold, some of them turn bitter. 

Did you ever question whether that was the only way? Where did that idea even come from?

Most people go through their life just believing that pain is the only way to grow. They don't stop to question if it's the only way. 

But I've got news - It's NOT the only way. 

The Tantric path is one of Transformation Through Pleasure. 

This is the profound truth that I outline in Bliss Redux, and right now you can rewrite the story of your life and changing your beliefs about transforming yourself when you add Bliss Redux to your order right now.

Sex Magic


Maybe you've heard of the concept of Sex Magic (or Sex Magick), maybe you haven't. 

It's the practice of using orgasm to magically create and manifest anything you want into your life through the use of your sexual energy. 

I use these practices regularly to manifest clients, opportunities, partnerships and other amazing opportunities and connections in my life. 

Some people have asked me, "do I need a partner to practice sex Magic" and I'm happy to announce that this course covers both partnered and SOLO sex magic practices. 

So, no matter what your relationship status or partnered sex life, you will be able to master manifestation with your orgasmic energy. 

This is TRULY powerful work, and worth far more than I'm asking here.

Making Love in the Unknown

Let's face it, if you're like most people, the unknown is scary. 

From Open water, an unexpected job change or even a call from an unrecognized number, the Devil we don't know can be terrifying. 

But life begins at the end of our comfort zones. The unknown is where true possibility can come into our lives. 

This is why I've taking the tantric teaching of dancing in the unknown and packaged it together her for you. 

Imagine if you were able to generate your own INNER-KNOWING in the face of confusion or chaos around you. 

Pretty powerful right? 

But what about in relationships. The unknown in relationships is often the scariest thing we face on a daily or weekly basis. It's, in a sense, the open water of someone else's internal, emotional and thought life. 

That's why, in addition, Latihan (Dancing in the unknown) and Bodyhan (Emotional clearing practices to help you when you get triggered by the unknown), I have included Hot Seat Conversations (Laurie and Michael teach and demonstrate how to dance in the unknown with a partner). This part might just be the scariest of all, and the Hot Seat Conversations are here to help you not get lost in the chaos on conversations with your partner. 

It's all included right here for you. 

But that's not all that's included in this bundle. 

Read on for even more powerful teaching. 

Working with Powerful Emotions for Lovers


If you're living your life and relationship out on the edge of growth, you are absolutly confronting your own limits emotionally. 

If you're doing it with a partner, it's AT LEAST twice as difficult. 

I'll be completely honest with you, you probably didn't want to hang around me in any substantial way before I learned how to handle my emotions. 

I had a LOT of emotions and I would get a bit of an unconscious thrill from bumping up against them. 

My relationships were regularly strained and I made my life so much more difficult than it needed to be. . . all because I didn't know the tools that are in this program. 

As we get older, we learn tools to make our emotional states more manageable. Many of us refine our habits, create new boundaries and elevate our game in so many ways. 

This powerful set of emotional management tools is some of the most important techniques that have made my life and relationships much easier. 

Tantra Meets BDSM

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