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Self-Guided Courses

Bliss Redux

Transform Your Life Through Pleasure.

Sex Magic

Learn the practice of using orgasm to magically create and manifest anything using sexual energy. 

Making Love in the Unknown

But life begins at the end of our comfort zones. The unknown is where true possibility can come into our lives.

Working with Powerful Emotions for Lovers

This powerful set of emotional management tools is some of the most important techniques that have made my life and relationships much easier. 

Tantra Meets BDSM

Learn to play in this edgy intersection where Tantra crosses into BDSM.

Books, Toys & More

Extraordinary Lovers (Coming Soon)

Sex & Happiness Over 60 
(Coming Soon)

The Original Crystal Wand

Yoni (Vaginal) Exercise Egg

One-On-One Coaching

Private coaching from me and my trained apprentices is available. Whether you are single, coupled or even in a polyamorous partnership, one-on-one coaching will help you create the transformation you want in your relationship and your life.

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