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Maybe you've heard of the concept of Sex Magic (or Sex Magick), maybe you haven't. 

It's the practice of using orgasm to magically create and manifest anything you want into your life through the use of your sexual energy. 

I use these practices regularly to manifest clients, opportunities, partnerships and other amazing opportunities and connections in my life. 

Some people have asked me, "do I need a partner to practice sex Magic" and I'm happy to announce that this course covers both partnered and SOLO sex magic practices. 

So, no matter what your relationship status or partnered sex life, you will be able to master manifestation with your orgasmic energy. 

This is TRULY powerful work, and worth far more than I'm asking here.
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Mastering the deliberate use of pleasure and orgasm to fuel your intentions and desires.

This course will show you how to benefit from the sacred rituals of both Solo Sex Magic and Partner Sex Magic, including Instruction on Blessing the Goddess within All Women.

By the end, you'll feel like the star of a Rumi poem.
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