One-on-one Coaching 

Laurie’s coaching is a private, customized way to:
- improve your relationships, 
- deepen your connections, 
- start finding the passion within you.

The coaching is effective and goal-oriented. 

You will integrate mind, body and spirit as we address emotional, sexual and physical intimacy.

Sessions are available virtually and in select cities with laurie or one of her certified coaches (travel may be required).

Whether you’re an individual or a couple, Laurie can:

- Help you ignite your desire—and your sex life
- Teach you practical tools to deepen intimacy and connection
- Guide you toward greater satisfaction in relationships and in life

We helps clients answer questions like:

How can I to create a deeper emotional connection with your partner?

How can I recover the sexual excitement you had when you first met?

How can I move from bored to playful and passionate?

How can I get over issues of abuse or hurt in my past?

How can I overcome performance anxiety or dysfunction concerns?

How can I cope with aging and sexual performance?

How can I learn more skills and techniques?

How can I always ask for what I want?

How does the opposite gender feel about sex?

How can you date in the world today if you don’t know the current ‘rules’?

How can I address low libido?

How can I deal with an imbalance of desire in my relationship?

Sessions and Pricing

Laurie Handlers

Creator of Sex & Happiness Coaching

- 20-minute, free consultation
- $400 in person or Zoom per session (60 minutes)
- Packages available

Laurie Handlers is a Sex and Happiness Coach and author of #1 Amazon International Bestselling book Sex & Happiness:

She offers sexual health and awareness courses for individuals, couples and groups all over the world. For over 10 years, Laurie Handlers has hosted a weekly radio show "Sex and Happiness." 

She has also produced and starred in three independent award winning films and serves as a Lead Faculty member for ISTA.

Sex & Happiness Certified Coaches

Briana Cribeyer

Sr. Sex & Happiness Coach

Briana Cribeyer is an author, intimacy and relationship coach, and founder of Sacred Sexuality Rising. She is a lead trainer for Intuitive Tantra, an apprentice facilitator for the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA), speaker and facilitator for The Ohio State University on the topic of sacred sexuality, and author of the upcoming book The Art of Receiving. 

Briana's coaching focuses on radical love and responsibility, to shift the trajectory of humans on the planet.

Michael Gibson

Sr. Sex & Happiness Coach

Studying since 2008, Michael is a Certified Sex and Happiness Coach and practitioner, the co-founder of the Academy for Men and creator of Just Add Skill workshops for men. Michael is also the creator of The Extraordinary Lovers Experience and co-facilitates with Laurie Handlers in many of her in person and online courses all over the world.

Michael fuses ancient shamanic wisdom, sacred sexuality and modern science into his coaching to create truly Extraordinary Lovers. 

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