Feasting on Your Love
by Dr. Judy Kuriansky
I have long recommended a healthy way for couples to use food to spark passion. In a sensuous supper, every aspect – what, how, where, and when you eat – awakens all your senses. The experience follow the curve of sex from foreplay (shopping and cooking together, serving each other), to a peak (consuming), to lingering in afterplay (cleaning up).
Tantric lovemaking tasks the use of food for pleasure or heightening sensuality to a new level, where you also become the table! A highlight of Tantra seminars called “Tantra & Bliss” and “Ecstasy,” run by Butterfly Workshops, is the Gate feast (meaning “to go beyond” in Sanskrit). In this esoteric banquet you prepare seven courses of foods that are visually appealing, taste good, and can be easily eaten from various body parts (such as salmon mousse, juicy fruits, and ice cream).

Make abundant portions to create a sense that you can have it all, says workshop leader Laurie handlers. Use no utensils and feed your lover with your hands or mouth, or offer up courses on any part of your body for your partner to feast on. The experience invariably leaves everyone laughing, loving each other, and wanting to taste more.

If you go slowly and savor the experience of giving and receiving pleasure in each sample and swallow,” explains Handlers, “you go into dreamy state, making you feel sexy.”
pps. 193-4, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Tantric Sex by Dr. Judy Kuriansky by permission
Copyright Laurie Handlers, All Rights Reserved.