Extraordinary Lovers Experience
Quick! Answer honestly - Are you living a passionate life? 

Do you wake up and feel your desires pulling your toward your wildest dreams? Do you get tingles about how lit up your partner is about you and their own life? Do you remember how it felt in those first months? That newness was electrifying. 

Everyone experiences this kind of dulling from that excitement. It’s part of developing intimacy. 
Ordinary couples let the dullness win. Together they silently conspire to change the meaning of the word spark to justify the lack of excitement. 

Extraordinary Lovers invest in their relationship - Not by going on a cruise, but by going DEEP together. They learn to CREATE the electricity. 

Extraordinary Lovers is designed for the couple who are not content to redefine the word “spark”. They are people who are inspired to live full, passionate lives, but are at a place in their relationship, where the vision doesn’t really match the reality.

All is not lost. Extraordinary Lovers, is the countdown to a passionate re-ignition. 

The Extraordinary Lovers Experience Online is a two-day event and four weekly group calls via Zoom that will take you through three thresholds of expressive love! 

Our focus will be on: 
- Self-love
- Presence
- Communication (verbal/non-verbal)
- Emotional Intelligence
- Exquisite touch

We're teaching concepts and practices that are unique, saving marriages & relationships from boredom and resentment, creating a thriving community of Love!
Through the power of technology, we can pair you up to share with other singles, HOWEVER, we recommend you bring a partner to work with in person. So, whether you are single or in a long-term relationship, you are welcome here! ALL genders and sexual orientations are welcome to participate!
What to Expect
Expect to experience breath, sound, movement, emotional release as well as awakening your orgasmic energies. Learn rituals for manifesting life's goals with ease and grace. And learn how to touch and read a body such that bringing out the Wild Lover and traveling into the unknown becomes a natural occurrence in your lovemaking.
Archived calls are available to all participants, however, refunds will not be available once the class has started. 
About The Program:
This two-full-day event via Zoom will take you through three thresholds of expressive love:
- Love of Self
- Love of your Partner(s)
- Love that Manifests

If you want to continue mastering the Art of Self-Love, Presence, Communication (both verbal and non-verbal), Emotional Intelligence, and Exquisite Touch. Join us to learn things that are BRAND NEW to the world of Tantra - all with the intention of saving relationships from boredom and resentment.

You will leave having experienced:
* Fearless Communication
* Being emotionally current and free from the past
* The ability to RETURN to Love and STAY in Love!
* Deep connection and presence

Beyond that you will learn how to create:
* Exquisite Touch – real knowledge of your sensual body
* Fun & Juiciness - Seduction as a Team Sport
* Making Love to Life in the Unknown - Keep it Fresh

This course is an ALL-NEW, deep-dive to awaken the Extraordinary Lover in you!
Day 1
Day One covers the basic Tantra skills of self love operating in the realm of the personal. The emphasis is on knowing yourself and finding the Beloved within yourself. We introduce tools to help you stay emotionally current and free from resentment. Here we focus on communication, how to overcome the Three R’s (Resentment, Resistance & Revenge), resolving conflicts that arise in every relationship.
Day 2
Day Two covers Presence, which is the crucial component needed to create an extraordinary sexual experience. Also, we introduce the concept: Seduction as a Team Sport. You will learn how to seduce one another before, during and after sex. We also focus on male and female anatomy and how to utilize exquisite touch to unleash the Wild Lover in your partner and take them to ecstasy and beyond. (for same sex couples, one has to agree to be the receiver). Finally, you will be initiated into the practice of Sex Magic, how to use intentional orgasm to fuel your life's purpose and intentions inside the transpersonal. 
After the Weekend
After the weekend is complete we will schedule 4 weekly group calls to help integrate these practices into your life and to create a community of love and support for lasting transformation.
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 July 17-18, 2021
9:00 am - 6:00 pm (Pacific Time)

Zoom Call
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$797 USD per Couple

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Your Facilitators
Laurie Handlers & Michael Gibson
Laurie Handlers is a Sex and Happiness Coach and author of #1 Amazon International Bestselling book Sex & Happiness:

She offers sexual health and awareness courses for individuals, couples and groups all over the world. For over 10 years, Laurie Handlers has hosted a weekly radio show "Sex and Happiness." 

She has also produced and starred in three independent award winning films and serves as a Lead Faculty member for ISTA.

Michael Gibson is a Certified Sex and Happiness Coach and practitioner, the co-founder of the Academy for Men and creator of Just Add Skill workshops for men. Michael is also the creator of The Extraordinary Lovers Experience and co-facilitates with Laurie Handlers in many of her in person and online courses all over the world.

Through this work, Michael is passionately committed to creating Extraordinary Lovers by fusing ancient shamanic wisdom, sacred sexuality and modern science. His main focus is Fearless Communication, Intimacy, Presence, what men and women truly need and want sexually, and how to provide it consistently.
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