What is Tantra?

Tantra is expansion through awareness. In Tantra we consciously choose the life we want by harnessing our sexual energy to fuel our life’s intentions. 

Tantra is about being in the body and consciously choosing to listen to our body’s communication. The greatest challenge for us is to stay in the present moment. 

While the mind is absorbed in the past and future, Tantra teaches us to stay present in every moment to our body, mind and external circumstances. 

Resting in the this opens us up to a space beyond pleasure and pain, beyond illusion and judgment. From this this we are able to allow our intentions to manifest.With Tantra life is totally beyond study. It is pure experience.

I'm Laurie Handlers

I've been teaching Tantra for over 20 years. I've compiled some of my most practical teachings to improve your life, sex and relationships and they're available online for you right here. 

Tantra FAQ

Is Tantra a Religion?
Tantra is spiritual path, not a religion. Tantra does not require following any specific dogmas. Tantra encourages us to discover through direct experience our creativity and our innate joy through self acceptance and taking responsibility for the world around us. TANTRA IS EMBRACING IT ALL

Why is communication so important in Tantra?
Tantra looks at the permission each participant gives him or herself to allow in to their life what they say they want. For instance, many people want more pleasure, love, abundance and/or health. 

There is a direct connection between the 2nd and 5th Chakra’s. The 2nd Chakra being the associated with our desire and the 5th Chakra located in the throat area is associated with communication. When we have permission to speak and ask for what we want, we have permission to receive it. For example, when a participant wants deeper intimacy in there life but continues to not communicate their needs to their partner, Tantra works to release the emotional blocks that inhibits that communication on a cellular level.

What is the Tantric path to self-acceptance?
The practice of weaving contradictory aspects of our personalities into a whole for the purpose of expanding our consciousness.

Can Tantra help heal sexual abuse and trauma?
Yes, many people come to Tantra because of previous abuse. Trauma, especially, sexual trauma leaves a violent impact on the tissues of the body. The body responds by going numb and unconscious. Many people come to Tantra with an inability to experience pleasure during intimacy. 

What happens is our bodies go numb to protect ourselves from experiencing the pain of the trauma. The result is an inability to experience pleasure and orgasm. In Tantra we teach emotional release techniques that release body memories on a cellular level bring numb areas of the body back to consciousness.

Can Tantra help me find a partner?
In Tantra we recognize the self as the Beloved. And, YES, recognizing yourself as your Beloved can definitely help you attract a partner.

Can Tantra help me be a better lover?
Yes, the key to great love-making is being present in every moment. Tantra teaches presence in each moment as well as ancient practices used during love-making.

What modalities does Tantra employ?
- Group process
- Intention
- Bio-energetics
- Latihan
- Osho’s Active Meditations
- Mantra
- Yantra
- Yogaboxing
- Egyptian Tantra
- Trance

In Tantra we teach the Witness State. From the perspective of the witness we maintain a non-judgmental Witness Consciousness that accepts all aspects of your personality, including our shadows. In the Witness state you become the Witness to your life-drama, rather than its victim. 


Tantra means “to weave”. Tantra means “expansion through awareness”. For us, Tantra means “transformation through pleasure”.

The aim of Tantra is to weave spiritual experience with everyday life (no sitting in a cave here!). Tantra is thought to be the oldest yoga from which all other yogas sprang. It is, indeed, comprehensive and sublime. Tantra includes, breathing techniques, ancient yogic practices, sexual energy cultivation techniques, meditation, sound, and emotional release. It emphasizes expansion through pleasure, thus uncovering the extraordinary joy and power found in each individual. It enriches our lives so quickly and effortlessly that it has been said to be “the fast path.”

Emotional Release
Emotional Release means releasing past emotions and trauma that is stuck in the body often keeping a person stuck. In these processes, we support people’s healing by going to sometimes scary places. We empower people to move through their emotions while witnessing them. Thus, they are able to move from constriction to freedom. We use Bioenergetic techniques, Latihan and Dynamic Meditation and many other modalities for emotional release processes.

Witness Consciousness
Noticing. The part of us that accepts all aspects of personality, including the shadow.

Yoga comes from a Sanskrit word, “Yuj” from which we get the word “yoke”, meaning to join or unite.

We unite all aspects of our body, mind and spirit. We connect the dots. We start with the root chakra and work our way up leaving nothing unattended. Through sublime and sensual practice, we connect with Spirit and with the Beloved (who in most cases turns out to be oneself). This has been described as reaching states of bliss and ecstasy.

We use ancient Indian, Tibetan and Egyptian techniques and reveal secrets that become the basis for healing the body, releasing past emotional trauma, stopping the aging process and reducing stress.

A complete head to toe workout for the body, mind and spirit. Includes Emotional Release techniques and communication skills for full confrontation when necessary.

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