Hi, I'm Laurie
I'm a Sex Educator, Author, 
and Sex & Happiness Coach. 
I have a Masters degree in Education and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology. My career includes over thirty years as a corporate change consultant, individual empowerment coach and international seminar leader.
As a speaker and facilitator, I have taught transformational workshops since 1978 covering topics like how to heal the body, releasing past emotional trauma, stopping the aging process, and reducing stress.
Discover a New Path to Spirit, Sex, and Intimacy.
We are professional coaches to individuals, groups and corporations. We coach people through workshops, private sessions, and seminars on how to develop a new relationship to sexual energy that accesses a life of love, abundance and “having it all.” This takes you beyond what you know.
Our philosophy is to give yourself permission to fall totally in love with yourself and embrace everything about you, even desire. Then you are able define your personal integrity. We find that integrity allows you to stand strong in your life in the face of complete fear, anger, judgment and resistance.
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